About Us

Tracy's Powder Room was founded by a beauty junkie with a desire to create high quality cruelty free and talc-free makeup.

I believe that passion and creativity in cosmetics should be accessible to Everyone regardless of age! It's my goal to create a positive impact in the beauty space by inspiring and celebrating your colorful self-expression without limitations.

Everything in my powder room is handcrafted with love. I use high quality ingredients that create long lasting make up that is crazy-rich with pigment and blends with your skin.

Tracy's Powder Room embraces the spirit of a bold, colorful life! I want to empower everyone to explore the infinite combinations of colors and effects my products offer that is best for your unique style.

Animals are naturally cute and animal testing is just wrong. It goes against my core values and ethics. So I'm proud to say that nothing in my cosmetics has been tested on animals. Ever!

My business is based on honesty, transparency, and inclusivity. Your happiness with my makeup is key, get in touch if you have any questions at tracyspowderroom@gmail.com.

Your are beautiful! Be confident! Express yourself! You are always welcome in my powder room!